Pre-Employment Physical

Pre-employment PhysicalPre-employment physical examinations are becoming more and more prevalent. These types of exams are no longer restricted to industries with high incidence of work related accidents. A physical exam ensures that you are in good health and able to do the job you are being hired to do. And employment physical examination can include, but is not limited to, drug and alcohol testing, physical exams, psychological tests, and mental health assessments. While the exam is primarily to protect the company against liability claims, in the future, by confirming that the potential employee is in good physical and mental shape to do the job it is also beneficial for the employee to be aware of any health concerns. Getting a pre-employment physical examination could be a win-win situation. Physical exams are thorough exams that include check the head and neck, your limbs, skin, abdominal, and lungs. Employers are looking for individuals who can perform whatever tasks are required of them in their potential new job. If the job post says that you should be able to lift fifty pounds the pre-employment physical exam may be important in finding if you back is doing well or if your respiratory system could handle moderate work. Companies are also using pre-employment physical exams as a way of keeping their staff healthy and happy. Some people may have gone without employment for a while and haven’t had a physical in a while. Pre-employment physical exams are great for staying informed on the status of your health whether you get the new job or not.