Complication of Hypertension

Complication of HypertensionHypertension causes excessive pressure on the artery walls and can damage your blood vessels and organs in your body. The higher your blood pressure and the longer it goes uncontrolled, the greater the damage. Unmanaged high blood pressure can lead to complications in your body.

Complications of Hypertension include:

Heart Attack . Heart attacks are one of the worst but common diseases associated with unmanaged and untreated hypertension. Heart attacks occur because the arteries harden and narrow. This affects your blood flow.

Stroke. Strokes can happen when blood flow is restricted on one or more of the blood vessels that gives blood to your brain.

Aneurysm. An aneurysm is a bulge in the wall of a blood vessel. This is a potential cause of atherosclerosis, which weakens and damages the artery wall. Over time, high blood pressure in a weakened artery can cause a section to enlarge and form a bulge. Aneurysms can rupture and cause life-threatening internal bleeding.

Heart Failure. Congestive heart failure comes from over-stressing your heart. This happens because narrow arteries are difficult for the heart to pump blood through.

Weakened and Narrowed Blood Vessels in Your Kidneys. Kidney disease can become a complication of hypertension. Your kidneys are designed to filter waste products from your blood. They also regulate electrolytes and rid your body of excess liquids through urine. Hypertension affects the function of these organs. If blood is restricted to the kidneys it limits the ability to eliminate waste. The damage can be irreversible.

Thickened, Narrowed or Torn Blood Vessels in the Eyes. Hypertension can damage high blood vessels in the eyes. Restricted blood flow in any part of your body can cause damage to the blood vessels in your retina. It is common for patients who are diagnosed with hypertension to slowly develop eye diseases.