Cause of Hypertension

Cause of HypertensionWhat causes hypertension? Stress, intense exercise and other factors can briefly elevate blood pressure even in people whose blood pressure is normal. Having high blood pressure for a short amount of time is a normal physiological response to many situations. A diagnosis of hypertension requires several readings showing high blood pressure over time. However, if your systolic reading is 180 mmHg or higher or if your diastolic reading is 110 mmHg or higher this requires immediate medical attention. There are many things that can contribute to the cause or onset of hypertension. Here are a few things that many cause high blood pressure.

Inactivity. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to hypertension. In active lifestyle is needed to get your blood pumping on a consistent basis.

Salt Rich Diet. Eating salty foods raises the amount of sodium in your bloodstream. This reduces the ability of the kidneys to remove water. The result is swelling of your limbs and higher blood pressure due to extra fluid and extra strain on the blood vessels leading to the kidneys.

Alcohol and Tobacco. Consumption of alcohol causes your heart rate to increase, blood vessels to dilate, and blood flow to increase. These effects cause blood pressure to rise. If you are already aware of having hypertension you should consider cutting back of the amount of alcoholic beverages you consume.

Age. Everyone is at a greater risk of having hypertension as they get older. The condition is more common amongst individuals 60 years and older.

Race. Hypertension is prevalent amongst African Americans. This commonness makes African Americans more likely to get high blood pressure than any other group of people.

Weight. Being over-weight or obese puts you at a great likelihood of getting hypertension.