Pain in the Chest

Pain in the chest definitely calls you to pay more attention to your health especially your heart health. One thing is certain about any pain you may feel in your chest; whatever it is it’s something. You are not feeling discomfort for no reason at all. There are many reasons for having pain in your chest. Some are severe and some can dissipate if given a little time. Whatever the reason for your pain you will want it to vanish as soon as possible and the best way to get rid of discomfort is to first point out the issue. What is causing you chest pain? Do you have other noticeable symptoms? Pointing to other symptoms is a great way to distinguish one problem from another. If you have pneumonia, fever, chills, and fatigue will most likely accompany the chest pain you experience. On the other hand if you are experiencing something like gas or acid reflux, nausea, heartburn, burping, and bloating will come along with chest pain. On a more serious end of chest pain there is heart disease. Heart disease often leads to heart attack and pulmonary embolism. Just as these diseases are more severe so are the other symptoms that go hand and hand with the onset of any of these events. Your body will alert you to the severity of the chest pain. With a heart attack you will feel extreme pain in your arms, shoulders, neck, and even jaws. You will experience shallow breathing and a tight chest cavity. Listen to your body especially when there could be a heart issue in your midst.