Chest Pain When Breathing In

Chest Pain When Breathing InChest pain when breathing in can be very irritating and bothersome considering breathing is second nature and quite frankly a necessity. This type of pain upsets something basic to our survival and quality of life. Definitely something that is difficult to ignore. If you are having difficulty breathing it is usually related to the lungs being inflamed. To immediately elevate some of the discomfort slow down your activity so that you no long require as much air and you aren’t breathing as hard. You also should take an anti-inflammatory to bring down some of the swelling. It is important to find the cause of your discomfort so that it can be treated and alleviated. A possible cause of chest pain when breathing is a viral or bacterial infection such as pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia include coughing, muscle ache, and shortness of breath. The influenza virus could also cause inflammation in the lining of the lungs and chest walls. Tuberculosis isn’t yet an illness of the past and it could very well be the culprit behind your chest pain. Tuberculosis symptoms are similar to pneumonia. The big difference is that tuberculosis will need to be treated by health care professionals presumably for quite a while. It is not likely to care away with any home remedy. Pulmonary embolism could be a cause of chest pain when breathing. Symptoms include sudden shortness of breath, rapid heart and breathing rate, dizziness, and a low grade fever. There are an enormous amount of possibilities when it comes to the cause of chest pain when breathing. It is always best to visit your health care professional to stay informed about your health.