Anxiety Chest Pain

Anxiety Chest PainCan anxiety cause chest pain? The simple answer is yes. People often this of anxiety as something that is only in your head, but this isn’t true. Anxiety can manifest itself in physical ways. Anxiety can interfere with normal every day activity. For people who suffer from anxiety, worry and fear can be overwhelming and debilitating. Stress and anxiety can manifest itself in a physical manner.People who become overly stressed or suffer from anxious may become dizzy. Many have a dry mouth, headache, muscle aches, rapid breathing, and shortness of breath. Sweating is often seen as physical evidence of nervousness but is also a sign of anxiety. Anxiety symptoms can become so great that people feel chest pain so severe that that they believe that they are having a heart attack. That type of episode would be considered an anxiety attack. During a panic or anxiety attack you may experience heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pains, and a feeling of likely death. Less severe manifestations of too much stress include tension and pressure in the chest. Anxiety symptoms can range from slight to severe and can occur rarely or frequently. They can be a onetime thing or happen indefinitely. Chest pain is common for people who are overly stressed and/or anxious. Anxiety disorder can be diagnosed by your medical physician or psychiatrist. Your healthcare physician can do a physical test to spot anxiety symptoms. You may have an underlining medical condition. Blood tests can be run to rule out any other possible issue.