Seasonal Allergies Treatments

Seasonal Allergy TreatmentsSome of the best ways to avoid dealing with symptoms of seasonal allergies are:

Meet with an allergist or primary care doctor to find out what you are allergic to. After taking a simple test some substances can be ruled out. The doctor can then recommend a variety of medications either over the counter or some that require a prescription.

Avoid contact with known allergens. This is an obvious way to avoid dealing with seasonal allergy symptoms. Check pollen counts in your city and when you travel. Make sure you change filters in air conditioners so they are better prepared to trap pollen spores. Wear sunglasses when going outside on days with a high pollen count.

Be aware of foods that trigger pollen allergies. Foods like bananas, cucumbers, melons, chamomile tea, and sunflower seeds might provide seasonal allergy symptoms in those who have ragweed allergies.