Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

Allergic Rhinitis SymptomsAllergic rhinitis is a group of symptoms that affect the nose. Allergic rhinitis is commonly called hay fever. You don’t get hay fever from hay but usually from pollens that come from plant based sources. When a sensitive person inhales an allergen, the body’s immune system can react in a multitude of ways. Many of the symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis are connected to the nose, ear, and throat portion of your body. Because the allergic reaction is connected to the nose, ears, and throat many of the symptoms will show themselves in these areas. Some of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis include:

Stuffy nose due to blockage and congestion is probably the most common symptom of allergic rhinitis, especially amongst children. A runny nose, coughing, and tickled throat are also common due to postnasal drip from the nose to the throat.

Watery or itchy eyes, nose, mouth, throat, or skin due to agitation from allergens.

Puffy or swollen eye lids and sensitivity to light. Discomfort or pain in your face may be noted due to the pressure of your sinuses. There may also be pressure in your ear that could possibly lead to temporary difficulty with breathing.

Sneezing continuously. This is most noticeable after waking up first thing in the morning or immediately after coming in contact with an allergen.

Mood can also be altered due to allergic rhinitis. People have reported feeling tired and grumpy. Fatigue may come from the inability to get a good nights rest. Lack of rest will also lead to the physical manifestation of dark circles around the eyes.